Our Story

In 2005, this sassy city girl married her cowboy who transplanted her from her swanky apartment life out on some land and in a mobile home. What??? I couldn't even get a pizza delivered!

Along with my new life and living arrangements came lots of jokes and teasing, so I took it all in stride and proudly RoCkEd My TrAiLeR and embraced my new nickname…TrAilEr PaRk BaRbIe. As the years went by and we were living our CrAzY BuSy lives, my hubby's entrepreneurial spirit rubbed off on me and I decided to pursue a dream. Growing up I always said I wanted to be a personal shopper for someone. Great dream, right? I also wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon too but that required way too muchschool. So after my second son was born, I quietly put that marketing degree to use and started planning. I watched. I listened. I took notes. When it came to the company name I knew it was something that had to catch your eye and be hard to forget. So one day, as I was at a therapy session a.k.a. getting my hair highlighted, I was discussing my thoughts with Suzie (my hair dresser and longtime friend) and halfway through it all she stops and blurts out "Oooo Court, I got it – Trailer Park Trinkets! It's only right because you are Trailer Park Barbie!" I then had to remind Suzie we had upgraded to a house without wheels, but as for the name…. I loved it!!!

So Trailer Park Trinkets was born and we headed out on life's highway. We did shows barely filling up a 10x10 space. I was so proud of my lil' creation and all the hard work we put into it but I knew we couldn't stop there. We listened to our new friends and customers and expanded our merchandise so that we carried what they were asking for. Before you knew it were filling up a 10x20 booth space and now we have

grown to a 10x30 at some shows. It's always an adventure going somewhere new, meeting new friends and making new memories but as we grew and traveled I found myself always being away from home and it was starting to get to me. We love to travel but our growth had reached a level I had never planned for and I didn't want to quit my shows. Our customers needed us on a regular basis and My BoYs needed me – it was time to ExPaNd the PlAn!!!

Right under my nose, calling my name – I even drive by it everyday at least once…there was my lil' rock house. Made the call and within 24 hours we had a verbal commitment. I signed the papers without even going inside to take a peek!

If you really know me you know this is sooo out of character for me too. It was PeRfEcT – perfect for TpT. WE all worked our tails off, literally 20 hour days trying to remodel and paint but our CrAzY ideas came to life. On Friday April the 13, 2012 we opened the doors to TRAILER PARK TRINKETS "THE BOUTIQUE" a.k.a. TpT World

Headquarters. On that day, I was able to add another check to my bucket list.
So follow us. Shop with us. Come see us at a show or stop by the Boutique. Join us and become another HaPPy CaMpEr in our lil' Trailer Park. We are here to CeLeBrAtE YOU and YOUR individuality. We are here to help you find the perfect outfit. We are here to help you find the perfect gift. We are here for our customers and friends because without y'all we wouldn't be….